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What are the window decoration trends for 2021?

Every year, various trends are determined, including for window decoration. So are you (re)furnishing your home and do you want to do that according to the latest trends? Then this article is a good read for you!

Bring nature into your home

It is something that has been going on for much longer: natural elements in our houses. Think of the many plants in our house or the use of natural materials such as wood in the furnishings. This trend now extends to window decoration, where we mainly opt for wooden blinds or curtains in earth tones.

Striking window decoration

Completely the opposite of the previous trend, is that your window decoration should stand our in your home. Those who prefer this option should opt for contrasting colors. For example: let’s say you have painted a wall in pastel green, then the curtains could be dark green. We have already shown several examples of this on our Instagram account. Discover the luxurious look of this trend!

(Too) long curtains

We often give this as a tip to people who want to make a certain room in their home look bigger. But in 2021 it will become an ordinary thing. If you leave your curtains hanging casually on the floor, you will create a relaxed and stylish atmosphere in your home.

Transparent roller blinds and curtains

2020 was probably the year in which we were more at home than ever. We definitely want to get rid of that feeling of being locked up. This is also reflected in the choice of window decoration. In 2021, we will all increasingly opt for transparent curtains and roller blinds. No more feelings of being locked up, no more dark spaces!

Saving energy

It is precisely because we have been home so often that we want to save more energy in 2021. Window decoration can be a crucial element here. Choose curtains from a thicker fabric or pleated blinds. Their honeycomb structure creates a stagnant layer of air so that the heat stays inside and the cold outside and vice versa.

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