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Window decoration for students

As a student, you choose to stay at home with your parents or you go live in a student room or a dorm. Anyway, it’s nice to decorate your room. Window decoration is an important aspect of your interior decoration. For example, you want enough privacy and not too much or too little incidence of light. We give you a few pointers on how to make the most of your window decoration.

1. Privacy

Do you have a lot of insight into your bedroom of student room? Then transparant roller blinds are the solution. This way, no one can look inside and you can stare outside while studying. Moreover, you always have enoug daylight inside, which saves you the necessary energy in terms of lighting. Do you want to be able to darken the room at night? Combine your transparant blinds with blackout curtains.

2. Small space

Is your room relatively small? Here too, window decoration can play an important role. Choose curtains in a light color (white, beige, pastel) from floor to ceiling. These should preferably drag a little on the ground. This creates the illusion of a larger space. You can also buy curtains that are a lot wider than the window. They visually extend your walls, making your room look bigger.

3. Room divider

It might also be nice to separate the different functions in your bedroom or student room by means of a curtain. That looks less heavy and that way, you are not constantly reminded of the loads of work that awaits you. Or any visitors won’t be able to see your messy desk or bed.

4. Insulating effect

In smaller spaces it quickly gets hot in summer. Therefore, buy window decoration with an insulating function or in white. It keeps the heat out a little.

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