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4 tips for choosing the perfect window decoration

Decorating a house isn’t always easy. When you have chosen the necessary materials for your floors, kitchen and furniture, it comes down to the accessories that complete the atmosphere in your home. These accessories can be cushions and plaids but it could also be window decoration. And that’s a topic where a lot of people ask themselves: which window decoration do I choose for which space? Read these 4 tips that will make your choice a lot easier.

TIP 1: window decoration according to function and space

Every room in your house has a different function. For example, a lot of people prefer sleeping in absolute darkness, without a beam of light in their bedroom. In this case, blackout roller blinds with side guidance or lined curtains are a very good choice. In your living room on the other hand, you have a need for absolute privacy. You don’t want anybody to be able to look inside but you don’t want to sacrifice any incoming light. Therefore, it’s best to choose transparant roller blinds or curtains. Venetian blinds, roman blinds or day and night blinds are good options as well. And the bathroom? There you prefer getting some light in without people seeing you naked. Roller of venetian blinds cover both aspects.

TIP 2: will your curtains be the eye-catchers of your interior?

Some people like to integrate elements that stand out into their homes. Curtains are such elements but you rarely see bright red or yellow window decoration. The choice of color is often limited to standard colors such as white, grey, beige and black. If you’re looking for distinct window decoration, you should try one of these three popular colors: anthracite, brown or green.

TIP 3: what fits in your home?

We’re not just talking about color and material. Let’s have a look at the type of windows of your house. If you have a wide sliding window, for example, you don’t hang venetian blinds in front of them. You buy a curtain in the most beautiful fabric. We understand the need for blinds, as they are very trendy, but these have to match your windows and your interior. So don’t decide too quickly. Request – if possible – free color and product samples to compare to your windows and furniture. This way you choose the perfect window decoration in the right color for your home.

TIP 4: extra insulation

It’s an aspect you don’t immediately link to window decoration but it’s an important one. No matter how well insulated your home is, there’s no harm in foreseeing an extra touch of insulation through your window decoration. Because windows emit some cold and curtains can stop that cold from coming into your home. It does mean you might have to choose a slightly thicker fabric or you may have to have your curtains lined. An extra tip for those amongst us who have a house that stands in the sun all day and are struggling to keep their homes cool. Buy curtains in a color that repels light, such as white. We’re not saying you have to go completely bananas and have all your curtains in white because there is another option. You can, for example, have the back of your curtains – on the window side – done in white and have the decorative frond worked out in a different color.

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