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How to choose the perfect window decoration for the children’s room

As a parent, you want your child to be able to have a field day in his or her bedroom. But you also want him or her to be able to relax, sleep well and especially that he or she is safe in there. The range of window decoration is therefore overwhelming: curtains, roller blinds, roman blinds or honeycomb curtains. You can dress your nursery nicely with all of them. We’ve listed up 5 criteria that should simplify your choice.


Curtains must always be made according to European safety standards. These state, among other things, that the chains and cords of, for example, roller blinds, roman blinds or honeycomb curtains should not be too long. Moreover, it is not unwise to secure the chains and cords so that your little one cannot reach for it.

Blackout window decoration

Sleep is crucial for our functioning, and that also goes for your little one. It’s scientifically proven that we all sleep better in a dark room. Therefore, choose blackout window decoration. They are also perfect for the bedroom of your teenager where one often works or spends time behind a computer screen. That way, you prevent incoming light from falling on the screen.

Thermal curtains

As you know, babies and toddlers can’t control their body temperature themselves. It is therefore important to control the temperature in the nursery – not too hot and not too cold. Window decoration with thermal properties ensures that the heat does not enter in the summer and that it doesn’t get lost in the winter.


Very convenient in every part of the house: washability! Just as you can buy washable paint in the specialty store, you can also buy washable window decoration. Perfect for kids!

Choose color

A children’s room with a splash of color immediately creates a different look and feel. Did you know that for a nursery, for example, soothing colors such as pastel shades and light colors are recommended in function of relaxation and good sleep? For toddlers and preschoolers, on the other hand, you can pick a more cheerful design with bright colors or a bit tougher with dark colors.

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