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Which window decoration suits your bathroom best?

The bathroom must be the most difficult room in your house when it comes to choosing window decoration. You have to take into account how humid it can get if you take a bath or a shower. And parents should check if the kids’ splatter in the bath tub can reach their curtains. Moisture, in addition to privacy and invading light, is the most important factor you need to take into account for your bathroom window decoration.

Moisture in the bathroom

Bathrooms with a high humidity level are especially common in older houses that are not well insulated. In such houses, the bathroom is often very foggy while showering or taking a bath. Sounds familiar? Then it’s best to avoid window decoration made of materials such as wood or textiles. But what do you choose best? Fortunately, there are many possibilities!

Aluminium venetian and faux wooden blinds

These types of window decoration are an excellent choice for your bathroom. Not only are they waterproof, but they are also tiltable. As a result, you decide on the degree of privacy and the intensity of invading light in your bathroom. Aluminium venetian blinds also have an insulating effect. They keep your bathroom warm in the winter and sufficiently cool in the summer.

However, we can imagine that some of you would have liked to incorporate wooden blinds into their bathroom. Don’t panic: our faux wooden blinds have a wood imitation coating. This way, your bathroom is practical and trendy at the same time.

The classics

Roller blinds or honeycomb curtains fit any window in any room and will always look beautiful. We recommend choosing a waterproof fabric for your bathroom so you don’t have to worry about damaged curtains.

What about well insulated bathrooms?

Then it doesn’t matter which window decoration you choose! We do recommend to be careful with natural materials such as wood, as wood can slightly bend if they come into regular contact with moisture.

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