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The many advantages of blackout roller blinds and curtains

Blackout roller blinds and curtains are on the rise. In the past, we mainly saw these in the bedroom but we notice that they are increasingly being integrated into the living room. Are you curious why you should choose these types of window decoration? We tell you all about the benefits!


Before we dig in, let’s clarify some things. Blackout roller blinds and curtains are designed to guarantee maximum darkening and thus to ensure that nothing of light comes in. Curtains, for example, are lined to obtain this. For roller blinds, a darkening fabric is used or a regular fabric is treated with a specific coating that stops light from invading.

You have all the power

Thanks to these types of window decoration, you control where and when you darken a space. Good for a good night’s rest or for a siesta during the weekend. But also perfect when you want to prevent the sunlight from falling on your television screen during a quiet Sunday afternoon of binge-watching series.

Extra insulation

Lined curtains of blackout roller blinds also have excellent insluiting qualities. They keep the heat out in the summer and keep it indoors in the winter.


No more prying eyes from neighbors or passers-by. With blackout roller blinds or curtains, nobody can look into your home, enabling you to enjoy in complete privacy.

Good for your health

A good night’s sleep is one of the most important elements for a good health. Blackout roller blinds and curtains not only ensure that you really sleep well in the pitch dark but also make you less likely to wake up by invading light.

Look and feel

An advantage specifically for curtains. Curtains that are lined, look full, making your window decoration look luxurious and exclusive.


Do you prefer blackout roller blinds? Then surely, you know they are a whole lot more inexpensive than the installation of roll-down shutters.

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