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How can I make my home look bigger with window decoration?

We’re sure you’ve already read it: the homes are getting smaller and smaller. In order not to feel like you are living in a hut, you need to decorate your home as optimally as possible. Did you know that window decoration can make your home look optically bigger?

Opt for white or light colors

It’s a fact that white and light colors can fully ‘open’ a space. Therefore, opt for white curtains or window decoration in a light color, and combine them with furniture also in a light color. Do you want to darken your bedroom for instance? Have your curtains lined or combine curtains with a white blackout roller blind. Also: don’t choose curtains with patterns. If you do prefer patterned window decoration, go big. And by the way, did you know stripes can also help you create the optical illusion of making your home look bigger? Horizontal stripes make a space appear wider, while vertical stripes – such as vertical slats – create an optically higher effect.

Let your curtains hang over the floor

Many people find it sloppy and totally impractical when their curtains drag a bit across the floor. When really, it looks very luxurious if you do so. Moreover, this trick also makes a space appear higher than it actually is.

Wider than the window

Curtains that are wider than the window and which you hang partly over the wall, create the illusion of large, wide windows. Make sure that your curtains cover the window as little as possible when they are open. This way, you get as much incidence of light as possible, which also benefits the space.

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