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How do you choose the right color for your window decoration?

The color in your interior determines the atmosphere in your home. Yet, we are all a bit boring in the field of interior design. Not because we want to be, we just don’t have a clue which color(s) to choose. Fortunately, Cobli can guide you in this matter.

Everything depends on the space

We know we’re repeating ourselves, but the use of color depends on the room in your house. For example: in your office or bedroom, you’ll use calm and serene colors, while you could easily integrate a color like petrol blue or ochre in your living room. But you don’t want your home to exist of a bunch of (non-matching) colors. Therefore, keep the following rule in mind when decorating your rooms: use a striking color for 20% of the space, the remaining 80% should be as neutral as possible. Let’s use your living room as an example: you could paint the walls in beige and combine this with an ochre-colored chair or anthracite-colored curtains – perhaps not the combination of both.

Which color do you choose best?

There is no arguing about matters of taste. Our favorite color may be green, but maybe it’s not yours at all. So color is very personal. However, there a a few basic tips that help you determine the color of your window decoration or an accent color for all rooms in your home.

  • Trends are fun but temporary. Choose timeless colors. And no, that doesn’t necessarily have to be white. Ochre, for example, is such a timeless color.
  • Warm and dark colors and shades exude cosiness. It’s that kind of atmosphere you want to create in your living and dining room and in your kitchen.
  • Cold tones bring peace. Perfect for your office and bedrooms.
  • Does your home consist of small spaces? Then choose light shades and pastel colors. They make a room look bigger.
  • Neutral colors usually come in different shades. White for example: our range has no less than 191 products in different shades of white.
  • Did you come across a nice color while searching online? Be sure to ask a sample. A color can look completely different on screen than in real life.

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