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A look ahead to the window decoration trends for 2020

We’ve all been counting down to the new year. And a new year always comes with new trends, also in terms of window decoration. That’s why we’d like to look forward to what’s hot in 2020 in terms of window coverings.

1. Warm colors

We’ve mentioned it in another post: many of us are afraid to work with large color parts in their interior. But in 2020, it will be a trend to do so, with warm colors such as ochre yellow, copper, petrol blue and many other colors. If you are not sure if certain colors match your interior, create a moodboard or order your free color samples!

2. The perfect match with print or photo wallpaper

It’s true: print and photo wallpaper are on the rise again. This means you can go completely bananas when it comes to decorating your children’s rooms or your living room. You can, for example, opt for a jungle print, which you combine with wooden blinds. Or pick a cute flamingo wallpaper and combine it with old pink curtains for your daughter’s bedroom.

3. 2020 is green

And that’s in many ways. Think about the ever-growing focus on climate and sustainability. Or the plant trend in 2019, where living rooms were suddenly filled with plants. In 2020, we will continue this green trend, where it’s not uncommon to combine a dark green seat with mint green walls and green translucent curtains.

4. Neutral and natural

Due to the climate trend, more and more people are likely to integrate natural materials into their homes. Wood for instance is very popular and mostly combined with neutral tones such as white, beige, black and grey. Check all the boxes with a Scandinavian interior, in which you combine white with black wooden blinds.

5. Curtains as eye-catchers

In conclusion, we keep repeating ourselves: use your curtains as the eye-catchers of your interior! Go bananas and buy those olive green curtains. They will stand out with that wooden floor and light grey chair.

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